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Debt After Divorce – Find What An Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loan Can Do For We

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Debt After Divorce – Learn What An Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loan Can Do For You

If financial strain is the continual companion because a outcome of breakup, an unsecured debt consolidation loan is an alternative value considering. Divorce is emotionally exhausting plus possibly the most stressful experiences you may have. After all, you receive married with positive hopes for the future together. However, we not just experience the psychological devastation of breakup and find the experience thus financially devastating which you will find it difficult to ever receive back about the feet.

High legal bills, inequitable plans for previous debt, the bills of separating plus establishing ourselves inside new accommodation may all drive the debt degrees from the roof. Divorce will result you to drown inside debt inside a condition where you no longer have the financial contribution of the different individual to depend about. If you are juggling credit card repayments, a auto loan plus can be even customer credit financing for furniture, an unsecured debt consolidation loan might conserve the financial conceal plus relieve we of a massive amount of strain instantly.

Look for an unsecured debt consolidation loan with all the low fees plus low interest plus over the number one expression to provide we financial breathing room. A good debt counselor or financial consultant can direct we to the number one unsecured debt consolidation loan for we. The goal is to bring the monthly debt payments right down to a manageable amount over the shortest time potential thus you may be from debt because promptly because potential.

Another good benefit of taking out an unsecured debt consolidation loan, is the fact that you’re not endangering a house or any different assets. If you were to consolidate a debt utilizing a house equity loan, for illustration, plus got behind inside repayments for any cause, the lender can take a house plus market it to receive the amount owed. They never need to receive the greatest cost for we plus we do not have control over the result.

Divorce is stressful enough without being additionally being overwhelmed by financial strain. Anger, bitterness, worry, regret, letdown, despair plus even depression are all normal responses to breakup. To receive by the procedure, you should be capable to go from all stages of grief plus acknowledge the genuine feelings. If you are trying financially simultaneously plus feel unable to deal with the monthly debt bills, you is robbed of much required psychological room to just deal with all the individual impacts of the breakup. It is therefore significant to immediately receive the financial matters below control thus which you is free to deal with these.

An unsecured debt consolidation loan will allow you to to simplify a finances plus manage the debt, releasing we from a lot of financial strain instantly. This decision will allow you to take back control of the existence plus move ahead from a position of strength instead of weakness.

Written by HC House

October 22nd, 2013 at 8:06 pm

10 Responses to 'Debt After Divorce – Find What An Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loan Can Do For We'

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  1. Please can someone advise and help

    i have received a charging order from land registry and solicitor for my wife’s debts on our house as its in joint names. she has been living abroad for 2 years and we are separated. now going through a divorce as its over 24 months separation.

    I wrote back to land registry and need to send back my objection and argument to the court… this is what i have written:

    I strongly object to the charging order application made by ________ Solicitors acting on behalf of Royal Bank of Scotland. The reasons are

    •I argue that __(me) smith__ is my ex partner.

    •I argue that I am going through a divorce with ___my ex___ who has not been at the property legally since 29th April 2011 (2 years legal separation logged with the Halifax Bank). Over the last 5 years in general ___my ex_______ has had very little or no interest in the property at all.
    The solicitor that is dealing with my divorce is _____bob___

    •I argue that ____my ex_____ only worked part time for Sheffield Council. I worked full time for ___large good company_____ and I paid all the bills. Our relationship was breaking down for a long period of time. Unfortunately for me, ____(me) smith____ spent 70% of the money on her self and her family. I am paying off my/our debts through an agreed IVA and majority are hers.

    •___my ex__ is now pregnant and in a new relationship. She has been living in Holand since 29 April 2011. The only main contact I have with her is by email.

    •I was in arrears with my Halifax mortgage due to lack of work (unemployment) and I struggled when _______________ left me however on a positive note I ague that I have maintained the last 6 monthly payments (on time) with the Halifax and they have consolidated my arrears into the mortgage with the help of my parents which is great news as I am now ready and able to apply from joint names into single sole name on the mortgage. I will not be able to do this if the ‘’charging order’’ application is successful.

    •_____my ex_____ has paid £0.00 since the start of the mortgage and all direct debits have come from my bank account or at times my parent’s account as ____(me) smith____ only worked part time and never paid the mortgage. I argue that I have a bigger interest in the house at 80 Spark Road.
    •I __(me)__Smith, have an agreed IVA with Kingsgate Insolvancy and I argue that I am dealing with all my debts and other creditors responsibly and not running away. I believe other creditors would be unduly prejudiced as the property is in negative equity and it would most likely upset them. I have not defaulted on any instalments to date. There are other creditors involved and this loan taken out was an unsecured loan.

    •Negative equity: I argue 80 Spark Road is worth between £115.000-£130.000. 84 Spark Road next door is on the market for £130.000 same as my property please check if needed.
    My original mortgage was taken out for £150.000 and I now owe over £146.000 to the Halifax (with £3500 arrears added into the mortgage – Consolidation) so I argue there is no point in the charging order, as the creditor would not benefit in getting the full amount if they ordered my house to be sold.

    •I argue that ___my ex____ has agreed to sign over her half of the property in good will, as she knows she has no interest in the property.
    •I am claiming JSA benefit and I am receiving some housing costs £376 towards my mortgage.I argue that I pay the short fall of £110, which shows I care TOTAL £476

    •I have written to my local MP for support
    •I have had good advice from the National Legal Debt help line.

    I am a responsible 33 year old person who is trying very hard during these hard times to make ends meet and in my opinion I argue it would have negative consequences on my life now and in future if the application was granted to Royal Bank of Scotland. I argue this is highly unfair but I accept some responsibility as the mortgage is in joint names.

    I argue I worked very hard to earn enough and save for a deposit for the house with also my parent’s help, then to make regular payment and maintain the property inc bills. Little help from _______my ex_____ or her family. I argue if she cared she would be here

    At the time when we took out the mortgage I did not think __my ex__ would be so irresponsible in future hence the reason I am divorcing her.

    Other reason to consider:
    I argue, I have been suffering with medical adult late effects of Leukaemia from when I was a child. I had an MRI scan at St James Hospital Leeds this year due to headaches/low energy and the doctors have found a lump in my head. I am now registered on the brain tumour list. My home is very important to me.
    Unfortunately, I have gone through a lot of stress over the last few years and I am fighting for a more positive future. Please support me

    I am going to send a letter to the court

    Yours truly,
    me smith

    evidence to prove…! help


    25 Oct 13 at 7:06 am

  2. I got in over my head with credit card debt while in college…was late on bill payments, had 2 cards sent to collection agencies, etc. I have since paid off the 2 cards in full (although it was through these agencies) and have a new credit card that I am being really responsible with in order to improve my credit.

    I have been tracking my credit score through Experian. It was at its lowest last September. It has since improved 30 points…30 points in a year?? It seems so discouraging. I know this is my fault but now that I have paid off my other two cards and have a new card that I am using responsibly, can I expect to see increases more often? Or will it take ANOTHER year to improve 30 points?

    Any answers/suggestions to help improve the score are appreciated, thanks!


    25 Oct 13 at 4:00 pm

  3. I cannot do debt consolidation. I would rather not declare bankruptcy. A dishonest ex-husband dumped his debts on me when he shocked me by divorcing me two years ago after 14 years of marriage. This was in TEXAS.


    30 Oct 13 at 9:06 pm

  4. looking to consolidate some debt to make one lump sum payment. Good payment history, have had job for more than 3 years.


    2 Nov 13 at 11:03 am

  5. I have close to 20k of unsecured credit card debt from different creditors. Some of them have been willing to cut the balance in half in order to settle the account. Should I attempt to individually settle with them? Or do I take out a consolidation loan for 20k?


    10 Nov 13 at 9:11 am

  6. I’m in desperate need of help. My issue is that it doesn’t seem like my credit card debt is going anywhere. I can’t afford to pay much more than I am each month and it’s always more than the minimum. I have applied for the consolidation loans and they all tell me that they can’t approve it because I have too much debt. And that if I get my debt down then they could give me the loan. This sounds ridiculous to me because if I could get my debt down I wouldn’t need the loan. The credit cards that I apply for to do a balance transfer never give me a high enough limit to transfer all of the debt. It’s about 12,000 between 3 credit cards. Does anyone understand what I’m going through and can anyone give me real advice on how to fix the problem? Note: I do expect those worthless people to give me advice like stop spending or something just as useless. I kindly ask you not to waste my time or yours. Thank you to everyone else who really can give some advice that actually help my situtation.:)
    Also I don’t use the cards anymore. If I do, I put the money back with the next payment.

    Krazy Bob

    1 Dec 13 at 4:54 pm

  7. I am way into debt, and I can’t claim bankruptcy on it all because some of it are school loans. I was wondering if I could Consolidate all of it, and then after a while claim bankruptcy.


    15 Feb 14 at 4:55 pm

  8. I have a revolving balance on 4 cards of about $14,000 and I am stressing out. I pride myself on having a good credit score and I have always made double or triple the amount of the minimum payment due but I just had a baby and we are living on just my husband’s income right now and I was wondering if anyone has consolidated their debt or has any advice. It would be greatly appreciated. We are starting to struggle with just the minimum payment due. Thank you so much.


    27 Mar 14 at 7:19 pm

  9. Can anyone comment on the use of Debt Consolidation Loans? I had a free consultation with a debt specialist through http://debtconsolidationloans.eoltt.com and they recommended a debt consolidation loan as one possible solution.


    13 May 14 at 12:47 am

  10. So I’ve got some credit card debt – not a lot, but enough that I want to pay it off ASAP. Is it better to get a lower-interest unsecured loan to pay off my higher interest cards? What does doing something like this do to my credit rating? I want to buy a house sometime in the near future so I don’t want anything to lower my credit rating or have a negative impact on my debt to income ratio. Thank you.
    Everyone’s telling me to close the accounts. But doesn’t having open accounts with less than 30% of available credit used boost your score? If I close the accounts that I have a negligible balance on, won’t it lower my credit rating? I haven’t maxed out any cards, I just want to pay off my debts in the most efficient way possible while keeping or even improving upon my very good credit rating. Thanks to you all for your input.


    29 May 14 at 7:32 am

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