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Gone To The Dogs With Adorable Airedales

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Gone To The Dogs With Adorable Airedales

My spouse plus I were brought up inside families with dogs. In her case, Corgis with all the unpleasant name of Haggis. In my case, Welsh Terriers with all the more prosaic name of Taffy. Whenever you married you nevertheless sought dogs, yet what kind? The initial became a mongrel called Lemon Curd. The next a Dalmatian called Miffy.

By today you had moved to a apartment inside 8 acres plus had 3 children. We had chickens, ducks plus goats plus hit found on the idea of breeding Airedales. As much because anything to provide the youngsters an understanding into nature’s cycle of lifetime. Our aim wasn’t to create cash however to have fun.

My spouse purchased Troubadour a young man from 1 breeder plus Misty, a young bitch, from another. Both were the offspring of Champions without evidence of in-breeding. We set regarding training them, choosing walks, playing with them plus mostly having a ideal time. My spouse had read it was right to not breed inside the initial season because this gave the bitch time to develop plus mature. So because the next season contacted you started the preparations.

After the pair had mated I built a big pen with foot excellent sides inside the utility area. This was to keep the puppies contained however, permit Misty to receive inside plus out at will. Many newspaper was laid because bedding plus you awaited occasions. The births were all simple plus Misty had presented you with 9 jet-black puppies. We were all excited, specifically the kids. All the puppies thrived, the Vet came to inoculate plus dock all of them plus before you knew it they were prepared to be weaned. Additionally they were developing their different characters plus their coats began to turn brown. Organising the feeding of 9 puppies became a challenge plus you have several photos. One fairly funny 1 is of the line of 9 puppies all with heads down inside their bowls plus tails inside the air.

At regarding six weeks Misty had had enough plus you place them up for sale from 8 weeks. Folks came to see plus which was interesting too. Pretty perfectly all sought to purchase plus by 10 weeks they were all gone. We were tired, relieved and sad. The 8 weeks had just flown by.

Trouby sired plus Misty bore you another 2 litters with a seasons rest between every. Every litter was of 9 puppies inside every. The cycle of occasions was the same every time plus you thought you were becoming specialists inside the field. Unfortunately Misty was then hit with a auto plus killed. We didn’t have the heart to purchase another bitch plus Trouby liked a extended plus peaceful widower bonnet. Whenever he eventually died of older age, the apartment appeared really clear.

Imagine my surprise whenever six months later my spouse mentioned she had been fairly nasty plus presented me with 2 young puppies. She called them following 2 favourite maiden aunts, Bess plus Nell plus 12 years later, you nonetheless have them.

Written by HC House

October 25th, 2013 at 8:26 pm

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  1. Today i went to a shelter and i saw the most adorable dog ever. He is 3 months old supposeable a Airedale Terrier mix and the size of 2 iphones put together. I at the moment have a chinese shar pei mix who is a sweety girl. She loves to be with dogs and i need to ger he a compainon.

    Is this a good match do you think please tell. I have adopted before so i no the process
    im not 100% sure but he has the beard and the stance and the wavy fur but not the color of the fur


    7 Nov 13 at 3:50 pm

  2. His mom is a terrier mix of 40 pounds. His father may have been a “big grey scruffy dog” the family I got him from found IN their house. He doesn’t look like he’ll be that big but you can never really tell with mutts. His paws are the same size, if a smidgen bigger, as my 40 pounds APBT/Lhasa Apso/ Westie terrier mix who is female.

    How big do you think he might be as an adult?

    Enzo at 4 months: http://i206.photobucket.com/albums/bb74/AshleighAwesome/enzo4.jpg
    He’s not chubby.. :(


    10 Nov 13 at 9:51 am

  3. So my neighbor has this little mini schnauzer, he is about 6 years old. Now, she never walks him, ever, even her kids( Now in their early 20′s) do not provide mental stimulation for him of any sort. Me and my mom felt bad for him, so we decided to start walking him with our dog, an Airedale who is about 3 years old. He seems to be alright with him, however, whenever people pass us on the street, or another dog passes us, he goes into a full out barking and making all kinds of noises, let me tell you, it sounds awful. At one point, he broke free and tried to attack another (larger) dog. From that point on, we decided to muzzle him. It was up to us to buy him the fabric muzzle, otherwise his owners would have never done it. Even with the muzzle, he tries growling and won’t walk forward when he sees another dog of person, he continues to try and turn around. We do not pick him up. I’ve tried taping him gently on the side of the neck to redirect his attention, which works only on occasion. I understand he was under socialized as a puppy, probably leading to this behavior, his owners also never corrected him. I’m just wondering if there is an effective way to get him to stop growling at other dogs and people on the street. His behavior is embarrassing, and I’m afraid my well behaved dog will start to behave the way this little dog does. Any ideas/tips? There is no way to bring in a trainer. It isn’t up to us, and his owners will never do it.

    John G

    3 Jan 14 at 3:39 pm

  4. I have Two children, both 4 and 8 years old. I own a dog currently, a Great Dane name Euro. He is 9 years old and So me and my wife decided it was time to add another dog. Here is a little about my family.

    We are very active. Go on walks everyday and I run every morning and every afternoon. I would like a Dog that can Keep up with me. We also Ride Bikes a lot during the week.
    We are a Big dog family. So no little dogs. We don’t want anything like Labs, or Golden Retrievers. Not really my type of dog, although they are great. We don’t want another Great Dane only for the reason that Ours couldn’t keep up with me after a while so I need a Dog that is active and needs a Job to do. My wife is a Licensed Vet and is able to take the dog to work with her while no one is home. So it will never be left alone. We don’t mind shedding either.

    We would like it to be of course safe with our Children. A Protector for my family in the Night. We don’t want an attack dog. We want a Dog that will Simply Bark at Strangers. To me that is the most protection most people need. Something that looks imposing to people. Our Great Dane Euro does, but he is very sweet when he knows everything is okay. Something that is Smart, easy to train and Aims to Please. I Like Pit Bulls, But I do not want one. Yes they are Sweet dogs, but my 8 year old is scared of them, because she got attacked by my neighbors. We would be considering this breed if that hadn’t happened.

    Requirements :
    Looks Imposing
    Protective of the Family
    Great with children
    Very Active
    Easy to train

    Thanks to all who answers
    We own 3 acres of Land all fenced in. So the dog would have plenty of property. We got a large Yard because my wife always wanted a Great Dane.

    We planned on going to rescues and Shelters first to look for Adults and Puppies. I am more focused on a Purebred than a Mix breed, but have considered adopting a dog that fits my Requirements. I will be looking at Breeders of our dog choice though. Reputable Breeders.
    I have talked it over with my family, and From Your answers, I will Narrow it down to a couple Breeds. Which is better for my family. Then I will Search for Breeders or adopt from a Shelter.
    I see most of y’all are posting German Shepherds. I don’t know much about the breed. But I looked at some pictures and Information, and They are most definitely on the Top of the List.


    4 Jan 14 at 8:03 am

  5. I have my eye on a 3 month old Airedale Terrier mix at my local shelter. She’s medium energy (although one can’t be sure if the shelter environment is affecting her temperament) and absolutely adorable.

    My main concern is that she goes to the best home possible – I don’t want to adopt her unless I can provide what’s best for her.

    From what I understand, Airedale terriers need plenty of exercise and space. In my household, I give me dogs walks twice a day generally only for 10-20 minutes, and then the rest of their exercise is used when they play (vigorously and often!) Would this be enough for an Airedale? Would it affect her health if she didn’t get the appropriate amount of exercise? Or am I wrong about what they need? I do know she isn’t a purebred – she’s some kind of mix. I’m not sure if that makes a difference. Is there anything else that is super important for this breed of dog?


    18 Jan 14 at 11:17 pm

  6. I live in the NJ/NYC area and don’t want to spend more than $600.
    I am considering adoption, but just in case any places either online or in my area?


    27 Feb 14 at 5:07 am




    18 Mar 14 at 9:52 pm

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