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How may I be a greater spouse?

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Question: How could I be a greater spouse?
How could I be a greater spouse? I like to understand what are the points a easy spouse expects from her spouse?

Answer by MJ
Love, help plus aid with all the home work

Answer by ilyE
well it all depends about how a realtionship is NOW to absolutely recognize plus provide u a awesome answer…but i guess i can only state what many girls wish. we, simply like we simply wish To be appreciated for the small items you do. females are perfectionist as well as for several odd cause you anticipate the guy to see each small thing you do. so possibly only tell her more frequently how much of the superior job she is doing plus which she looks or smells certainly good now..aspects that way absolutely create you feel special

Answer by I luv my kids
What is a easy spouse?
I anticipate regard that I don’t usually receive.
Assist about the home will be good when inside awhile because you both function full time away from house.

Answer by Nicolita’s mom
all of the above mentioned and equality.

If my spouse doesn’t treat me because his equal I will be surprisingly disapointed.

Answer by kisses come inside fives
I anticipate from my husband:
* a kiss before he leaves for function everyday, whether or not I’m sleeping
* him to tell me regarding his day at the job whenever he comes home
* him to thank me for creating dinner, despite that I do it each night
* him to tell me he likes me, randomly every day
* to be a hands about dad, to love his kids plus bond with them

things which I never anticipate, nevertheless are good which my spouse does:
* gets me a glass of water thus I don’t have wake up whilst breastfeeding
* puts the bathroom lid down (nobody would like to look inside the bowl, whether or not it is very clean)
* gets his dirty wash into the hamper MOST of the time

* don’t lay, whether or not we understand the truth makes her mad
* don’t raise a voice, even inside a fight
* don’t hit

Exceptions to the don’ts-
* lay ONLY when it is very a white lay regarding her appearance, or regarding her cooking, otherwise usually tell the truth

Basically, a wise spouse takes care of the family.
He is trustworthy, honest, nobal.
He shows love plus appreciation for his spouse. He supports her endeavors, her objectives, her dreams irrespective how big/small they can be to him.
And when youngsters are concerned, he is a type, however, fast, dad.

Written by HC House

March 18th, 2014 at 9:39 am

4 Responses to 'How may I be a greater spouse?'

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  1. what would you be?
    what would you want your spouse to be?
    to satisfy lilsunbeam’s request, and it’s only fair for me to answer my own question… so here i go… since i did ask ‘if you had to pick’, saying ‘both’ wouldn’t be answering my question…

    being a good parent, i think is a lot more complicated than being a good spouse. i think most would have similar answers to ‘what makes a good spouse’… but what about being a great parent?
    you love, but love includes disciplining.
    you provide, but you don’t spoil.
    you communicate, but you have to draw the line.
    you show by example, but not the bad examples.
    i was brought up on a family where my parents hated each other. knowing what i know, i wanna be great spouse, i want a solid loving and warm marriage before being a parent any day. besides, if i was a bad parent, my wife would cut my b@lls off.


    22 Mar 14 at 7:34 am

  2. Or grant?


    22 Mar 14 at 10:20 am

  3. Hi there,

    Answer needed for this please:

    My wife is a EEA national and we have been living in the UK for over 7 years. We have been married for 5 years and I have obtained a EEA – Residence Card in 2008 (valid for 5 years).

    We have been in continuous employment and my wife is eligible to apply for British Citizenship. It will be great if some one can advise if I will automatically qualify for British Citizenship based on my wife or if I have to get Indefinite Leave to Remain and 12 months later apply separately.

    I have been checking a lot of websites and UKBA but none of them are accurate or clear?

    Thanks a lot !!!!!

    Dana G

    12 Apr 14 at 5:14 am

  4. Does anyone know if the GED test and classes that are offered on base are available for spouses not just service members? I’d really appreciate if someone would let me know thank you!

    Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag

    9 Jun 14 at 5:28 am

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