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How will persons against homosexual wedding plus sex before wedding simultaneously?

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Question: How will persons against homosexual wedding plus sex before wedding simultaneously?
Folks like to state sex before wedding is bad, but gays can’t marry inside nearly all of the planet!

So basically are we suggesting which just straight sex before wedding is bad?
*How could persons be against homosexual wedding plus sex wedding simultaneously?

Answer by MzCalypso
Well, nearly all of those persons are against homosexual sex, period. In truth, they’d somewhat you didn’t exist. AND they’re against premarital hetero sex considering it’s all regarding a guy having the female he impregnates. Personally, I think sex before wedding is a wise decision. The just sadder thing than intimate incompatibility is acquiring out which you’re incompatible following the wedding.

Answer by rocket_boy
good point, I guess folks whom state which are religious, so that they don’t accept homosexual sex at all, before or following wedding, homosexual sex is a sin, thus having sex following wedding wouldn’t matter.

Answer by Weeping Angel
No; it’s easy. You might simply, by standard of logic, be against homosexual sex, because it will be, innately, pre-marital.

Answer by pepgurli
It involves people’s morals. Folks whom think sex before wedding clearly see wedding differently which those whom don’t. Marriage to they is a more sacred thing plus because they furthermore see homosexuality because incorrect, why might they condone them being married whenever they value wedding to be the foundation of family plus lifetime.

Answer by The Questioning Man
they are furthermore against homosexual sex at any time

Written by HC House

September 29th, 2013 at 6:08 pm

12 Responses to 'How will persons against homosexual wedding plus sex before wedding simultaneously?'

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  1. I’ve done it with him including oral when he is dressed as a girl, I love him a lot. Does it count as homosexual sex ??? He turns me on so much when he is dressed as a girl.


    3 Oct 13 at 8:41 pm

  2. Many Christians on R&S state that demons cause people to have homosexual sex thus resulting a homosexual person. Exactly why and how does happen? One Christian said it happened at birth because of what the parents did.


    13 Oct 13 at 9:51 am

  3. Now that homosexual partnerships are recognised union for legal purposes, how does the dissolution of an unconsumated but otherwise loving heterosexual marriage compare in law with that of a ‘consumated’ homosexual partnership? Are both seen as equal, or it the homosexual relationship considered of better standing in law. If the latter, does this now mean that homosexual sex is considered more worthy in law than a loving but celibate partnership??


    16 Oct 13 at 8:18 am

  4. Such as Saudi Arabia, or Iran?

    I don’t think they could, homosexual sex and drug abuse are illegal in those countries.


    24 Jan 14 at 1:36 am

  5. I heard homosexual sex can be seen so often other than prostitution hanging around the base.

    I’ m curious about how they control themselves while in th army.

    Thank you so much in advance!!


    24 Jan 14 at 11:47 pm

  6. I am very much afraid of contracting HIV,and know a great deal abt it but still i have a feeling of doubt in my heart.So i would want to know wheather between two uninfected individuals causes HIV(mostly homosexual)….But be absolutely sure before answering it.Does it spread by drinking water from the same bottle?


    18 Feb 14 at 5:38 am

  7. I’m 17 and just enlisted in the Army. I leave very shortly and unfortunately I’m leaving the love of my life behind. My boyfriend and I have been in a committed relationship and we wish to continue to be together while I’m serving. However he’s nervous about other men “hitting on me” or suggesting sex. I keep telling him that stuff is only in porn and sex is not allowed on base whether it’s homosexual or heterosexual. I love him with all my heart and we do trust each other. I would just like to hear from other people knowledgeable of the military lifestyle to reassure us that these things don’t happen.


    20 Feb 14 at 10:46 pm

  8. will HIV will be created between homosexual sex if both men r healthy? how about heterosexual? the possibility of getting HIV will lower, true? Y?


    13 Mar 14 at 11:34 pm

  9. then why is lesbian sex in straight porn videos and gay male sex is not?

    Ramblin Spirit

    11 Apr 14 at 10:02 pm

  10. has a much stronger sexual vibe than straight sex? And is more sexually responsive by humans than straight sex?


    17 May 14 at 4:11 am

  11. I don’t understand how a man and man or a woman and woman can have sex. It’s such a strange phenomenon. The male and female sex organs are different so sex can happen between them. But how does it happen in homosexual people?

    easton j

    1 Jun 14 at 12:47 pm

  12. when they argue against homosexual sex, they say it’s because of the Bible or other Holy books and their religions. What about pre-martial sex? Holy books and religions are against that too. So, why are people not okay with one but okay with another one?
    I’m not gay. But it really bothers me when “religious” people judge homosexual people and tell them that they will go to hell. It’s not their business!!
    Marc, not all pre-martial sex can lead to procreation. In fact, many people use condoms or protection.


    19 Jun 14 at 5:14 am

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