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Q&A: must i marry my new girlfriend?

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Question: must i marry my new girlfriend?
i lost my girlfriend inside a vehicle crash last year at easter plus began seeing somebody Before christmas plus today i like to ask my girlfriend to marry me however am worried what my late girlfriends family might think when i receive married what must i do

Answer by Noel
You could go to a family dinner with them. See what exactly is their opinion about we. If the inside love along with her choose it. Btw. We just lost the girlfriend for regarding 10 months plus we began with somebody new…I understand you need to move forward however, still….

Answer by Veronica
Regardless of the condition you may be inside it appears like marrying the modern girlfriend will be moving a bit quick. I’d only enjoy the time together because a couple for today because we function a technique from the grief. I’m sorry for the loss

Answer by Ciara
Honestly I totally think its the choice. Because should you love her with all a heart than it shouldntt matter regarding what her family thinks it can just matter what we feel you really need to do ! And I’m certain they may forgive we whether or not their mad at initially :)
Hope I helped wise chance!!

Answer by GirlyGirl808
My condolences for the late girlfriend. Needless to say she can usually have a specialized destination inside the heart, nevertheless you need to move forward. Have a dinner with a late girlfriend’s family plus explain which for them. If you ask the modern girlfriend, I hope she states yes! We appear like a good, sensitive plus caring guy.

Answer by sme168
I’m sorry for a reduction.

You have each appropriate to move forward with the lifetime. That is sweet you’re worried regarding a late girlfriend’s family, however, absolutely they must do not have state inside should you receive involved. If you’d like, we might tell the family a plans, however, don’t feel it’s a must-do.

Written by HC House

February 15th, 2014 at 6:35 am

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  1. who around arizona or around der dat does long distance relationships is looking for a girlfriend? ages 16 ta 19!!!!!!!!!!

    xiM Clutch

    17 Feb 14 at 4:03 pm

  2. well… what do people mean when they say ´is she girlfriend material?´ or when the say ´she´s not girlfriend material?´…in other words what does ´girlfriend material´ mean?


    19 Feb 14 at 11:04 pm

  3. is girlfriend important in our life
    tell friends


    18 Mar 14 at 9:41 am

  4. OK. There’s this girl, “trish”. And we’ve been dating for about two months. And her girlfriend is starting to get bitchy when me and trish go out on dates, or even just hang out. Its really starting to piss me off cuz on our one month anniversery her gf was at her house when i came to pick trish up for our date. and her gf was starting to get bitchy. and was also flirting alot with me. her gf likes me and is trying to get us to break up so she could have me to herself. i no this cuz she told me. but trish wont believe me. BUT, back to my original topic. trish and i went out and had a great time. but wen i brought her home, it was 1:00am, her gf said “You better be glad i waited up for you”. as if shes the queen or some shit. and i could tell trish got mad. i am starting to fall in love with Trish, but im afraid her gf is gonna come between us. and when she does come between us it really pisses trish off!! which pisses me off. so then the whole day is ruined. she has done this on many occasions. thankfully we have only had one fight becuz of her.

    they see each other everyday at school……… thats another thing, wen were at skol, i can barly talk to trish, cuz everytime i walk up to talk to her, her gf says “umm we gotta go” and pulls her away. the only time we get to talk is at lunch on B days and 3 period on B days. so out of 10 periods including lunch. thats 7 hours each day. i only get to talk to her for about 2 hours, while her gf gets her the rest. and trish takes her home everyday after skol where as i drive my own truck. wen i dont work i go over to her house after skol. til about 11pm. but on the days i do work i only get to call her and talk to her for about 10 minutes cuz i get off so late and she needs sleep. i cant talk to her b4 work cuz trisch and the b-itch are with e/o

    Any suggestions?????? PLEASE

    Big Banger

    3 May 14 at 10:09 am

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