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Ways To Get The Ex Back

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Written by HC House

September 26th, 2013 at 5:45 pm

4 Responses to 'Ways To Get The Ex Back'

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  1. Who is the Biggest famous DoucheBag you can think of?
    I need a list of recent people so I can narrow them down. If you see that the last person already posted what you wanted to say, then say someone else or nothing else.

    And by douche-bag, I mean a guy who’s extremely full of and obsessed with himself in every way. Ex: Dane Cook/Seth Macfarlane


    25 Oct 13 at 5:15 pm

  2. Would a more mature sun sign have more control over their squares than a immature sign. Or is it the squares that makes us immature or insecure? Since each element of signs has their strong points in several qualites such as intellectual, spiritual, analytical, etc. Can they use their strong points to get over a square that way?
    Ex. If an pisces and leo had the same squares would they react the same if their square were “pressured”.


    1 Jan 14 at 2:34 am

  3. i have been divorced for 3 years. two children invloved 7 and 4. I really try to get along with my ex, but most of the time she is very condescending and looking to pass any blame for problems with the kids( such as behavior) my way. I ignore most of this because I feel being freindly with one another would make a big difference to the kids. for instance when i ring the doorbell at her house to pick the kids up she will leave me standing outside(even in the rain or cold for 5-10 mins) until the kids are ready. does anyone know why she might behaves this way towards me ??

    for the record no cheating, drinking or abuse! she was just unhappy and asked for the divorce.
    mrs been it’s not so much i am offended by waiting outside as that my children are being shown it’s ok to be rude!


    9 Mar 14 at 10:10 pm

  4. ok my ex girlfriends dog just broke his toe I found out about it from her but she don’t really want to talk to me about it and all she does is cry all the time cuz she cant afford to take him to the vet and I want to help her I don’t want her to cry every day I still have feelings for her ….so what do you people think is the best way to help her

    sarah w

    21 Mar 14 at 6:50 am

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