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Why Do Men Cheat On Their Partners?

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Why Do Men Cheat On Their Partners?

Are we a girl that suspects which the guy is cheating about we? Should you do, you are interested inside capturing them inside the act. But, initially, you have a amount of concerns. The most popular issues asked by ladies that have been cheated about is “why do guys cheat?”

When it comes to determining why guys cheat about their wives or their girlfriends, it really is difficult to come up with an actual cause. Why? Because males cheat for a variety of different factors. As an example, the boyfriend will cheat for 1 cause, nevertheless 1 another guy can be cheating for a complete additional cause.

Despite the truth that it must be difficult to determine precisely why guys cheat, namely the guy, there are a quantity of well-known factors. These factors, a limited of that are highlighted under, is the cause of the cheating spouse or boyfriend.

1 – To Get Out of the Relationship

What do we do whenever we choose which we went to end a relationship? Should you are like other females, we breakup with a boyfriend or ask for a breakup from a spouse. For some males, this really is a lot simpler mentioned than completed. Those that worry breakups, frequently choose cheating rather. These males frequently want to receive caught, because many females won’t place up with a cheating partner.

What does this mean? It signifies which certain males utilize cheating because an simple method to receive from a relationship. Unfortunately, many males don’t take the pain of the broken heart into consideration.

2 – Unfulfilled Desires

Unfulfilled desires is another widespread cause why certain guys cheat. In these cases, guys never like to end their relationship with their girlfriend or spouse. In truth, they could really love their substantial different, it’s only which their desires aren’t being satisfied. All people, including both people, have intimate desires. If those desires aren’t being met at house, a guy will turn elsewhere. Aside within the intimate standpoint as well as the act of cheating, these guys usually have otherwise healthy relationships at house.

3 – An Improvement inside Self-Confidence

There comes a point inside each woman’s lifetime whenever she looks inside the mirror plus thinks “what has occurred to me?” Men go from this same experience. Whether it be improving inside age, a change inside bodily appearance, or perhaps a general decrease inside confidence, numerous males are scared of what they see or what they have become. These males frequently require an uplifting experience. Unfortunately, not all guys choose anything adventurous like skydiving or rock-climbing. Many different males choose to have an affair.

4 – Convenience

Unfortunately, several wives plus girlfriends result in the mistake of presuming which matters are long-term expression plus last for weeks, months or years. In truth, a big percentage of guys whom cheat just have what exactly is commonly called 1 evening stands. This really is whenever they have intimate relations with another girl plus return house to we, potentially not seeing which female again. As for why males have 1 evening stands, several do thus considering it’s advantageous plus considering they will. Additionally, inside these conditions, alcohol is usually a element.

5 – Simply Because

It is significant to keep in mind a guy doesn’t need a cause to cheat. There are some males that truthfully don’t care regarding that they hurt inside the procedure. There are additional males whom just create a mistake. If you think which a guy is cheating about we, it can be more significant to focus about what you need to do, because opposed to dwelling about why he decided to cheat to begin with.

As highlighted above, there are a amount of prevalent factors why guys cheat. With which mentioned, it really is significant to keep in mind which guys are not truly the only ones whom cheat. Some women are really because bad. Don’t allow oneself become 1 of those ladies, specifically when the just objective is to find revenge.


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September 21st, 2013 at 5:16 pm

5 Responses to 'Why Do Men Cheat On Their Partners?'

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  1. I am the only female on the team and when we travel they all cheat with numerous women. Why do men cheat so much? Do you think it’s really biological. I feel like I can’t trust men at all.


    22 Dec 13 at 9:21 pm

  2. What motivates a cheater to cheat? I’m talking about married people, not singles who are just dating. What was on your mind? What made you do it? How did you feel after? Was it worth it? I want female opinion too, cause I know both sexes do it!


    9 Feb 14 at 6:04 pm

  3. (First of all: Explaining a thing doesn’t mean endorsing it. So Ye shallow minds, behold!)

    There is a caricature of men who cheat – liars, low life, chasers of young ones etc. But I wonder.

    Cheating is not men going for better prospects in terms of looks. In a way they do go for a better one. At least go looking. Men get over beauty very fast if there isn’t anything behind the face.
    Yet men can keep friendship with men and women even without talking to them for years.

    A husband of wife with budding mustache can stay faithful all his life and that of a supermodel cheats every time he gets around to it.

    Do you think that men don’t really go for a new face or body; rather they go away from existing mind behind the existing body?

    what do you think?


    30 Apr 14 at 8:59 am

  4. What reasons would you cheat on your partner?

    Ed D

    21 Jun 14 at 8:42 pm

  5. i was bored and looking online for stats of the percentage of men and women that cheat on their spouses (have intimate encounters physically and/or emotionally). well there is of course not a clear answer because hardly anyone would want to admit it. However, i was wondering, if someone cheated on his wife (had sex with another girl), can he still act normal at home, and later on forget about everything and just concentrate on his wife? Can he still love her the same after cheating on her? Let’s assume that she doesn’t know he’s cheating and thinks that everything is fine.

    A lot of married couple cheat on each other but then are still okay at home…how can this be? Is it really loveless and they’re just staying together for whatever reason or do they still love each other even after cheating?

    Hmmmmmm…a lot of hypothetical questions, but I’m super curious =]
    Can people still love their spouses the same after cheating on their spouses?
    (Some may say that if they truly love the other half, they won’t cheat. But hey, there are other circumstances and opinions =0)
    p.s…many cases of infidelity was not discovered by the spouses so the relationships are still the same (at least for the spouse that doesn’t know his/her partner is cheating).damn…they either must be really good actors or they still do love their partner. tell me what you think =]
    p.s. this is questions for men (if you have cheated)…

    i was just wondering…after you cheated how did you maintain to act like nothing happened in front of your partner? what caused you to cheat? after everything did you still love her? can you just forget everything and live the normal life you did with your partner like before after cheating? did she find out? if its from a long time ago, do you still feel bad?
    okay people i’m not cheating. first of, i’m single, secondly, i’m a female, just wondering about the psychology of men, okay? i have not, am not, and do not plan to cheat okay?
    I know I’m being wordy but reply to some of the answers that I got…I agree; however, if someone truly loves his wife very much, would he still cheat? Let’s say sex and love are two different things (although sometime they’re connected…it’s called “making love” right?). Well if he is a good liar and carried everything on. The marriage is fine and they are happy together, normal marriage…after lets say, 20 yrs. Do you think he would still feel bad for something he has done so long ago?

    also, another question, what if a guy cheats often and he becomes emotionally attached to some other woman. Then what? Can he still love his wife the same? Can he love 2 women at the same time? I don’t think he would be the same person as one of the answers I got, at least not internally. His heart would be different…


    24 Jun 14 at 4:54 pm

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